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Use the simple search area

A simple search can be conducted from the area on left top of the screen at any time.

This part is made up several items:

  • An area to enter your full text query,
  • An access to the advanced search (arrow),
  • A search execution button (OK).

The part of the advanced search consists of: 

  • Several fields allowing to filter the search,
  • A search execution button (Search),
  • A search reset button (Clear).

The search engine can do a "full text" search, i.e., expressions or words entered into the search area will be looked for in all descriptors (title, summary, person names, society names, keywords, country, location, etc.) in full-text indexed documents.


How to carry out a search ?
The system is not case or accent sensitive. Example: "PARTNERSHIP" is equivalent to "partnership."


Truncations :

You can search for the beginning of a word (three characters minimum) by using an asterisk (* - this is equivalent to "starts with").

For example, the results of a search for sport* will include documents containing the words sport, sports, sportswear, sportsman, etc.

Quotes can be used to find an exact expression (" "). For example, the results of a search for "LNG terminal" will include documents containing that expression only.
You can use the exclusion character (-). The word preceded by the "-" sign is excluded. For example, the result of a search for terminal -LNG will include documents containing the word terminal but not the term LNG tanker.
Finally, you can use the option character (+). The word preceded by the "+" sign is optional. For example, the result of a search for +terminal +LNG tanker will include documents containing the word terminal or the term LNG tanker.
Advanced search
In Advanced mode, a more precise and targeted search can be conducted in a particular field.

You can choose between several operators AND, OR,  NOT.

Terms can be found with indexes. "Date" fields are in the form year-month-day (yyyy-mm-dd).


Display results
Formats available 
  • List (this is the default display mode)
  • Mosaic


Pagination mode or load more results

In pagination mode, to cross from a page to an other one, click the arrow to consult the following page or the previous page or bring in a number of page.
He displays 50 results by default by page. You can change the display in the drop-down list (10, 20, 50, 100). 

In mode "load more results", you reach the following results by clicking the link at the bottom "Load more results".

Access a description

In order to access a description, simply click on a thumbnail, title or reference.

A new search can be started in a description using one of the terms located in the keywords, in the locations, in the person names, in the society names, in the activity or in the Sleeping Partner.

Download a video 

 Depending on your permissions, you might be able to download a video from one of the following areas:

  • From the description ("download" icon at the bottom of the page
  • From the cart or from selections (download in batches)
In all cases, information on file formats and sizes is provided.
Functionality of the cart
You can review and save a cart of documents from lists of results. The same cart can later be downloaded. The cart can be saved from session to session.

Create a cart

In order to create and add to a cart, check the box or boxes available in the results list and choose Add in Cart from the drop-down menu. From a description, select Cart from the drop-down menu and then click on Add in.
Find a cart
Cart created are displayed on the middle top of the page.
Empty a cart
You can empty your whole cart by clicking on Empty All button. A message will appear asking you to confirm whether or not the cart should be destroyed (action cannot be undone).
Delete a cart

You can delete one of your cart by clicking on Delete button. A message will appear asking you to confirm whether or not the cart should be deleted (action cannot be undone).

Download the contents of a cart
Depending on your permissions, you can download the contents of your cart. A zip file of the videos must be created in order for downloading to take place.
First check that your machine has software to process the zip files and access the video clips. To check, once your cart is complete, click on button "Download". For each of these documents, and depending on your permissions, select the format you wish to download.
Click on the button “Submit" then "Download .zip export” to start downloading.
The window for saving the export may take some time to appear depending on the size of the download. Information on the size of each video is shown in the export window.
When the dialogue box opens, follow the various instructions: choose, "save this file to disk" (or "save the file").
Transfer a cart to another user
A cart can be transferred to another user of the site. To transfer, click on Actions menu then choose "Transfert" and then click on the blue "A user..." icon. Choose a person from the list by clicking on their name. Then click the green validation icon.
E-mail a cart 

Cart can be emailed to people who do not use the site. To email, click Actions menu then choose "Transfert". Enter an email address into the field below "By email" and then click on the green confirmation icon. 


Orders can be placed through a cart. Once a cart is full, click on the Order button at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to a form. Complete the information requested and then click on the button Submit. Your request is emailed to the Videocenter team for processing. You will receive an email to confirm your request or to request clarifications. You will receive an estimate by email. The order will be processed only after you have approved the estimate sent by M STORIES. M STORIES (103 boulevard Haussmann 75008 Paris) handles order management, estimates and invoices for ENGIE.